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Michael Tilson Thomas and Suzanne Vega
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American Mavericks is a 13-part Peabody Award-winning radio series and Web site produced by American Public Media in 2003. This Web site contains the interviews and interactive features developed at that time. Some features including radio-program audio, San Francisco symphony recordings, and online discussion spaces are no longer available.
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Steve Scott and the Bowed Piano
video Video DSL/Cable modem
video Video 56k modem (10:04s)
For over 25 years Stephen Scott has been bowing and plucking the inside of the piano. Watch his 12 piece ensemble play "Entrada." This video was created by MPR's own Amy Scott of Marketplace (Stephen's daughter.)
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Listening Room

This is the place where you roll up your sleeves and get your ears dirty.


Can We Talk?
How do you make & record your music?
Created by Julia Schrenkler on 9/30/04 at 10:05 AM

Logic Pro? Garage band? Customed out freeware or your own app? Or do you go old school?

How do you get your music into a medium that you can share?

From the Mind of a Composer
document Jerome Kitzke
"I think you find your audience by not thinking about that very much. You're just doing your job and doing your work and not worrying about, let's say, being rejected or accepted. I've been writing music for 32 years and I've just kept plugging away at it. I just do it, and I put some effort into getting the pieces played; I send scores out, all that stuff. In New York I created my own band. That's a very good way to start to gain an audience...I thought, 'Let me just get my stuff out there,' you know. It's out there, it's out there and it got a little bit of notice and word of mouth occurs. "
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American Mavericks is produced by American Public Media in association with the San Francisco Symphony and Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director.

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