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Amerikan Maveriks: the remix
dj ts
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Audio Amerikan Maveriks (21:34s)

What happens with that maverick music that ends up on the cutting room floor and is swept up by the next generation of turntablist-remixologists? Hear what diggz and dj ts came up with for the after-party.

Mission: make a 20 minute collage using only sound found in the 13 American Mavericks programs.

We worked on a largely subconcious level when putting the piece together. Aside from general notions regarding particular parts, there was very little planning with respect to the entire structure. Any climactic moments in the piece, build-ups, and breakdowns were developed in a fluid manner. The process began with mixing up the 13 cd's of material given to us. We then listened to each disk, recording on the fly what we both agreed was useful for the piece. This left us with hours of layered samples, with which we just started sifting through, following the similar mutual selection method. Layering the samples provided a platform for deciding which sounds could be combined or cross-faded. The intro of a plethora of stacked samples was dj ts's idea. This proved to be the spark to start the piece. All segments, cross-fades and manipulations were mutually selected by both of us. Effect application and editing was performed by me. It was a unique experience for me since most of the material I had produced prior to that point was more linear, restricted to a tempo. dj ts's method of performing is often non-linear, where he will seamlessly perform an entire set without preparation. Our approaches to sound selection and mixing composition proved to be a perfect match for the nature of the piece—diggz

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